We are a Startup Studio

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ØPP is a team of passionate entrepreneurs, specialized in Gamification and in the challenge of changing management habits by building gamified apps and software for businesses. You can call it a startup studio, or a  tech factory. You can also call us ØPP, it is fine. Unlike incubators and accelerators, we don’t coach or host companies, we develop/design products that meets new business needs, and we associate ourselves with Project Owners that are commited to make it a success. Are you one of those? Contact us: dominique@opp.mx.

HAPPYFORMANCE – Fun and collaborative objective management

Rond HappyHappyformance is the new way to work in team and to reach objectives, in a collaborative way.

The solution includes a gamified app and a full objective management platform.

It also allows mentoring, and feeling expressions about wellness at work and autonomy.







SEEYA – Business dating made fun!

Rond SeeyaSeeya is a fun way to meet people during business events. Inspired by dating apps, it adds a gamification layer by transforming you into an animal. You start with the rabbit. The more popular you become, the more your avatar will evolve. Will you become the White Wolf, the most popular person at the event?








HUNTERZ – Be a Recruitment Hero!

Rond HunterzHunterz is a recruitment game that turns employees into head hunters.

Propose a candidate for a job in your company. Each stage, each new step will be traced and will allow you to earn points and money.

Reach a new level and access to the company store where you will get exclusive gifts.

Be a recruitment hero!