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What do we do?

We build ships to conquer the world in 5 steps:





Scale up

Our armada of startups


Seeya is a revolutionary and fun application to boost your professional network.

Peak me up

Peak me up is the best tool to speed up your sales process and reach your sales goals.


More details comming soon !


A complete solution to stimulate your employees to participate in recruitment.


Closers is a gamified goal-tracking solution.

Meet the ØPPERS




Founder, Project Manager


Founder, Admin


Founder, Head Developer


Studio Manager


Backend Senior Developer


Junior UX Designer


Frontend Developer

Dare to join the ØPP Guild? Looking for a ship to sail? You have guts?

Unfair advantages:

Experienced Team
As a captain, you want the best sailors for your ship. We have a guild of warriors mastering every aspect for building a good craft.
Gamification Expertise
Once you conquered new area, you want to be praised and keep your folk under the hook. Entertain them to tend the fires and attract others.
Ecosystem Connections
Make new allies across our empire and trade or collaborate with them.
(VC, BA, experts)
Economy of scale
We engineered the best tools to deliver faster and better. Share expertise with allies and do more with less gold.
Growth Hacking
We hack the communication channels to let people know you’re coming and frighten your enemies.
Time to market
Conquer the world before it’s too late. Your enemies won’t wait.
Product evolution
Keep your equipment up to date and maintain it in working order.
Calculated Risk
Rely on multiple ships to be sure some will reach your target. Pray those who are not.

Our Weapøns

"One the 10 belgian startups to follow this year."

La Libre Belgique

"Le modèle des studios est probablement celui qui minimise le mieux le risque et permet une vraie industrialisation du modèle de startup."

Christophe Chatillon

"Et si vous preniez l’expression « chasseur de tête » au pied de la lettre ? C’est ce que propose Hunterz, une nouvelle solution desktop et mobile qui fait de la cooptation un véritable jeu. Drapée des codes du western, Hunterz rend le recrutement par cooptation plus ludique et plus engageant, avec une bonne dose de second degré."

Manager Attitude

"Avec l'application Happyformance, l’accent est donc mis sur le plaisir que l’on atteint quand on accomplit ses objectifs"

Entrepreneurs d'Avenir

"On équipe véritablement notre fonds d'investissement d’une boîte à outil opérationnel qui va faciliter et accompagner l’exécution d’un certain nombre de projets."

Ben Piquard CEO, Leansquare

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