« Gamifications is the use of game-based techniques to generate engagement »


At ØPP, we place this approach at the heart of all our efforts to make your customer experience stronger and more engaging.
These strategies are the outcome of years of reflection, project implementations, extensive research, testing, as well as learning from both failures and triumphs in the realm of gamification. It is by viewing things through this perspective that we gain a deeper understanding of how to stimulate behavioral activation.



# Motivation

The effectiveness of gamification is closely tied to individuals’ motivation.

Gamification will have little impact when your target audience’s motivation is primarily extrinsic and minimal. On the other hand, gamification achieves peak engagement when individuals are driven by a blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. When motivation is purely intrinsic, external incentives become superfluous for the individual to engage in the desired activity.

# The player’s journey

Game developers have studied the typical player journey to optimize their gaming experience and foster maximum long-term engagement.

Like most adventures, games tend to have a beginning, a middle and an end. It usually starts with the player’s avatar, followed by the « onboarding » phase, which involves guiding the player into the game. Next, the « scaffolding » phase consists of helping the player learn the gameplay Finally, the “mastery pathways” are designed to help the player perfect his or her mastery of the game to the point of becoming addicted to it.


# Player types

We are ALL gamers at heart, but we don’t play for the same reasons

When you employ gamification in the corporate world, it’s essential to understand how your players approach games. We have identified four key factors that influence how one approaches gaming:

  • The spirit of competition
  • Acquiring new skill(s)
  • Curiosity
  • Social interactions

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