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Local, Peruvian or Japanese cuisine? Pizzeria, Indian or American? brunch, lunch or dinner? Indoors or on the terrace? With family, couple or friends? Affordable or gourmet? Find the best selection of EatPunta restaurants on the EatPunta app, and make your choice thanks to photos, menus and opinions from the community and our experts.

restaurant exotique liège

Greight created a user-friendly, self-explanatory brand, with an efficient, fluid design, to make it easy for users to navigate, but also to highlight restaurants, dishes, customers, impressions and comments. It’s an exotic client for us – our first in Uruguay! – but it’s an exciting project. How do you set yourself apart and become the benchmark app for epicureans in Punta del Este? That’s the challenge we’re taking up. 

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«2-Color» design for enhanced ergonomics

Around the brand’s identifying green, we focused on the contrast and strength of the fonts to make the content as legible and intelligible as possible. It’s virtually impossible to lose your way on the Eat Punta app! 🙂

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