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Studytracks is a mobile application that lets you learn lessons in a pedagogical way and in song. The concept is simple: subjects from the French curriculum are set to song by renowned artists. Studytracks makes it possible to learn in a fun, sing-along way. We worked on the project’s new mobile application and website.

The #1 educational app in France

Thanks to collaborations with artists such as Koba Lad, Joey Starr, Soprano and Yannick Noah, Studytracks produces songs that are rhythmic, educational and, above all, fun. The musical styles are varied (hip-hop, reggae, pop, slam, etc.) and the subjects covered even more so. From history and physics to math and geography, the entire French curriculum is covered. Several French-language media have been talking about the app since its release on the Google Play Store and App Store:



A gamified and attractive interface

We know all about gamification! So integrating gamified elements into the interface of the studytracks application was a real pleasure for our team! We also combined the useful with the playful, because the aim of this project is above all to highlight modern, alternative learning techniques. Using icons, color schemes and graphic elements, we created attractive, user-friendly screens. Mission accomplished! 

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