N°1 daily press in French-speaking Belgium launches new gaming platform with Greight


The Sudinfo application has been revamped! You’ll find content from La Meuse, La Nouvelle Gazette, La Province, Nord Eclair and La Capitale.


Enjoy a new experience, with greater reading comfort.

Example of addictive gameplay: Alphabeille


What’s Alphabeille? A game that’s not as simple as it sounds, where you have to make up as many words as possible that include at least the central letter.

Try it, you’ve been warned!


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The classic: crossword puzzles


Whether you’re more of a literary or scientific type, you’re bound to find your hobby.

We’ve thought of engagement and user experience for this mission.

Simple design for tried-and-tested games!

We love them and we want more, so why do it any other way?



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