Gamified training app for Thomas&Piron


Are you looking to recruit in a sector in short supply? We’ve created a gamified training app for Thomas & Piron, with a series of challenges to take up in order to succeed in this quest for masonry. The app is aimed at young apprentices looking to train in the construction sector. Join the Red League and land a permanent contract!


Choose your avatar and start your quest.


Supporting apprentices throughout their training is at the heart of Red League gameplay. To this end, we’ve divided the training into several levels and stages to clearly mark out the learning path. As in any good video game, players are invited from the outset to choose an avatar that will represent them throughout their training. Then, apprentices will have to take up various challenges to improve their skills and perhaps win the red helmet of the week based on their scores. To reward their hard work, we’ve set up a virtual currency system to be exchanged for personalized gifts.


Get your CDI… and a good French fry! 


Under the guidance of our Red Coach team, trainees may be lucky enough to land a permanent contract at the end of their apprenticeship, which they can celebrate over a nice (non-Didju!) French fry. 



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