When Comptarama wants to rethink its brand, B1LLY emerges!

GREIGHT worked hard to modernize the brand of this fast-growing accounting firm, making it clearer and easier to understand. The result is B1LLY, accounting and connected, accessible and digital, cost-friendly and responsive.


A complete package for maximum consistency

The GR8 team applied the brand to all the basic identity media: logotype, signage, signatures, master slide PPT, showcase website, etc.

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I really wanted to thank you…

« « I really wanted to thank you all for your hard work on this project! We made a great team and the result is already here: a Wow. »»

Lionel Rosu. CEO, BILLY.


We’re also making sure that the new identity is accompanied by a path of engagement for B1LLY customers, so that the brand promise is backed up by coherent, concrete actions.

Creating a brand in a ‘traditional’ sector

B1LLY shakes things up! Connected, agile, pink, familiar AND professional. It’s the accountant of tomorrow!
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