When we want to explore the concept of tribe, we do it thoroughly!

We designed the BÀO brand to meet 100% of its objectives, to unite business contributors and stimulate them, notably through #gamification, to enroll them in a progression path and celebrate each result.

And so BÀO was born, a strong, distinctive, friendly, bouncy identity, where we deployed the graphic codes of the Indian tribe across numerous media, from website to animation.

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How to combine design and clarity?

We wanted the BÀO brand to be simple, intuitive and accessible. The color codes are deliberately rich and contrasting, warm, but with the emphasis on 3-color interfaces. This approach provides a ‘visual break’ while allowing for a rich range of variations. It’s a delicate balance to strike, and in our approach, successful interface design always gives priority to the user experience – UX – which must be clear, engaging and pleasant.


Right side up or upside down, the BÀO universe remains coherent

On white or colored backgrounds, on small or large media, the BÀO brand is made to express itself and shine. Color codes and ‘tribal touches’ quickly identify the brand and make it impossible to confuse it with any other.


The original name – Bouche à Oreille – is fully melted, integrated and assimilated into this graphic adaptation. The brand indicates a transfer, a communication between individuals, and it induces a flow of exchanges, the very basis of the concept of this business referral club.

Even the app takes care of its design

The application interface, website and mobile application are no exception. Successfully designing the showcase is one thing, but creating an application design that remains fluid and engaging is another challenge! And we think we’ve met that challenge with BÀO’s intranet and mobile application.

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